Online Booking

  • With 'Online Booking' your customers can make appointments with you and your employees.
  • You can configure which services are offered. 'Online Booking' can be customized for many different industries such as : Hairdresser, Workshop, Clinic or Photographer
  • 'Online Booking' can be integrated into your existing website and the content adapts to the screen size of mobile, tablet or desktop.
  • Appointments are confirmed by email, which includes a link to change or cancel an appointment.
  • An email notification is sent before the appointment so it is not forgotten.
  • 'Online Booking' can handle dialog with the customer about the appointment, e.g. questions or special requests.
  • Keep track of your and/or your colleagues' tasks via a clear calendar view.
  • In the calendar, employees can easily create and change appointments with customers.
  • 'Unavailable' time can be registered where the employee cannot be booked, e.g. during vacation or illness.

Use 'Online Booking' to create appointments with your customers

Does your business need to make agreements with your customers? About the timing of a service, meeting or task? If so, you may have found it challenging to keep track of what's agreed with whom and when, and you may spend a lot of time just making the agreements. Emails, texts and phone calls about who has time to do what and when, with the risk of double booking and schedules that don't work out. I've created a solution - Online Booking - to help you overcome these challenges. Your customers can book an appointment with you, and they'll receive email confirmation and notifications before the appointment and the option to change or cancel the appointment online. Employees are different, so Online Booking can also handle the fact that only certain employees can perform certain types of tasks.

Kalender for flere medarbejdere, som den vises for medarbejderen på en desktop computer. På billedet herunder, vises kalender for en enkelt medarbejder på mobiltelefonen.
  • Employee can create and change appointments on all devices
  • Automatically adapts to mobile, tablet and desktop
  • View appointments for a single employee or many at once

'Online Booking' can be integrated into an existing website

'Online Booking' can be integrated into your existing website. The interface will automatically adapt to different screen sizes and devices, such as mobiles, tablets or your desktop computer. Here's an example of a webpage where the customer reads about a service and clicks the booking button. Try clicking on the following link where 'Online Booking' is integrated into a webpage. Please note that booking does not take you to a completely different website, but stays on your existing website.


The colored boxes indicate available days. When you click on a day, the times that are available for the selected day are displayed. The customer enters their contact details and presses "Book Appointment" and that's it. The appointment is registered in 'Online Booking' and the employee cannot be booked for other appointments at this time. The customer and employee receive an email with details of the agreement. In the email there is a link that can be used to change or cancel the agreement. The email also contains a calendar file that can update the customer's calendar, e.g. Outlook or Google Calendar.

The customer can write questions and comments about the agreement

When the customer books an appointment, there is also a field where he can write questions or comments about the appointment. The employee can then write back through 'Online Booking'. When answering questions or making more detailed appointments with the customer, the dialog and appointments can be saved and found again in 'Online Booking'.

Booking kalender på computer, som den vises for kunden på din webside. Se tilsvarende visning på en mobiltelefon på billedet herunder.
  • 'Online Booking' shows calendar where days with available times are marked
  • When selecting a day, available times for the day are displayed
  • The customer enters contact information and the agreement is created

Create, edit and cancel appointments with Online Booking

Employees can log in to 'Online Booking', where the primary view is a calendar showing all appointments. You can select which of your colleagues to show in the same calendar. You can view the plan for a single day, a week, a month or just a list of tasks. A large screen can provide an overview of everything going on in the company, but at the same time, you can also display exactly the information you need on a smaller screen, such as a mobile phone. Through the calendar, employees can book new appointments or change existing appointments by simply dragging the appointment to a new time, and customers and employees receive automatic email notification of the changes. It is also possible to record time when the employee is not available to be booked, for example, if they have other tasks, are on vacation or sick.

Hvis man klikker på en aftale i kalenderen, så åbnes dette vindue, hvor man kan flytte aftalen til et andet tidspunkt, overdrage den til en anden ledig medarbejder, eller aflyse aftalen. Når aftalen ændres, vil der automatisk blive sendt en notifikation til både kunden og medarbejderen.

Create services and employees

You can create employees and each employee can have different working hours, so one employee can be at work every weekday and another employee may only work weekends and can only be booked during their working hours. It is also possible to create the services you offer yourself. Each service can have its own "opening hours" so that certain services can only be booked during certain times. But of course, it's also possible for employees to go beyond the defined working hours and opening hours if you tick the ok box.

Time for preparation or transportation

For each service, you can choose to give the employee some time before and after the task, e.g. preparation or transportation if the task is not performed at the company address. You can also define how much notice is required for a booking so that the employee is always notified at least 3 hours before a task, allowing you to do other things without being constantly ready for a task at short notice.


The system can send out a notification e.g. 1 hour before to both customer and employee, so fewer people miss an appointment. For each service, you can define which employees can perform it, for example, if not all employees can perform all types of tasks. Customers are allowed to choose which employee to perform the task, alternatively Online Booking can automatically select the next available employee.

Redigere medarbejder og arbejdstider
Redigere service, dens åbningstider og hvilke medarbejdere der kan udføre den.

If you think it sounds interesting for your business, you are welcome to try the system without any obligation. Contact me either by phone +45 42 36 72 44 or email and I'll set you up for a trial. You are also welcome to contact me if you have any questions about Online Booking.

If you would like to purchase 'Online Booking', it costs DKK 100 per employee per month, excluding VAT.