Software development

Soft X will solve software development tasks and offer ready-made applications and services. The first product is an online booking system that can be integrated into an existing website where you can manage appointments with your customers.
Good skills in the following areas: .NET, C#, Blazor, Entity Framework, Linux Server, Git version control, Web development with WordPress, WooCommerce and Beaver Builder, Unity, visualization and 3D animation. You can hire me as a resource for your next software development project, either onsite or remotely.

Online Booking

An online booking system where your customers can make appointments with you and your employees. You can configure which services are offered. 'Online Booking' can be customized for many different industries such as: Hairdresser, Workshop, Clinic or Photographer.

.NET Framework

Over the years, Microsoft has had many different frameworks with different purposes: ASP.NET MVC, Web Api, Forms, Web Forms etc. Now they have brought it all together in .NET Core and made it Open Source. I think it's pretty brilliant. It means, for example, that you can run all your .NET projects on a Linux server.


Blazor is Microsoft's front-end web framework for web applications that can be run either from a web server or directly in the browser. With Blazor, you can create applications for both desktop and mobile without having to distribute them through an App Store. Best of all, the functionality can be coded in C#.

Linux Server

A Linux Server is a free operating system that can be configured for everything from traditional web servers such as WordPress and .NET based web applications (e.g. Blazor) to VPN Server, Database Server, Git Version Control Server and much more.


I create websites with WordPress and webshops with WooCommerce. I preferred to use a page builder such as Beaver Builder, so you're not tied to a specific layout in a traditional WordPress theme.

Git version control

Version control is mandatory for software development, but can also be used for many other types of data, such as documents, configuration and presentations. You can use Git locally and collaborate with others via GitHub, but a local private Git server can do much the same as the public GitHub.

Entity Framework

Entity Framework is an open source ORM (Object Relational Mapping) that can understand your domain model and automatically generate most of the code (SQL) you would otherwise have to write in your data access layer (DAL). Microsoft's implementation of the Entity Framework works well with various databases: SQL Server, MySql, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite and many others.

3D Animation

Unity is a 3D game engine and development platform, but it can also be used to create beautiful and photorealistic 3D animations and visualizations. For example, an animation of a moving machine or visualization of a building. And it's coded in C# with Visual Studio.